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The film by Węgrzyn Brothers was qualified for the Main Competition of Polish Film Festival in Gdynia. . It is one of the oldest film events in Europe, holding the status of a national celebration of cinematography. Every year, Polish and international filmmakers, producers, actors and others gather there. The audience of the Festivalhas a chance to see the latest Polish productions. Films presented in Gdynia have often won awards at world-class festivals..

Proceder will compete for a statuette with such titles as „Piłsudzki” directed by Michał Rosa; “Obywatel Jones”directed by Agnieszka Holland or“Mowa Ptaków”directed by Xawery Żuławski. In this year’s Main Competition of the 44th edition of the Polish Film Festival there are 19 productions (including Proceder)). How will the Węgrzyn brothers’film do? We keep our fingers crossed!