aktualnosci “Ocean on Fire” – A Unique Project! We will confront the realities of ocean destruction and its consequences in a moving action thriller.

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We are preparing the production of “Ocean on Fire,” a unique project that addresses the important issue of environmental responsibility. This is an action thriller full of plot twists, whose story will touch the hearts of viewers and leave no one indifferent.

We have collaborated with Ali Tabrizi, the director of the famous documentary “Seaspiracy,” who risked his life to expose the massive fraud in the oceans. Billions of dollars, corruption, and the predatory policies of deep-sea fishing will form the backdrop for this gripping action story.

The captivating and engaging screenplay of “Ocean on Fire” was created by the acclaimed writer, Peter Iliff. Throughout his career, he has written scripts for films such as “Point Break,” which was adapted into the stage production “Point Break Live!” and received great acclaim in Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. In 2017, he was awarded Best Original Screenplay at the Malibu Film Festival for “Trump’s America.”

The film’s director is Heathcliff Janusz Iwanowski, a specialist in bringing uncomfortable subjects to light. Through the language of cinema, he compels viewers to reflect on the most important issues. He is an idealist for whom the fate of the world and humanity matters. He creates films that are considered socially significant but also attract the attention of a wide audience.

Our film has already attracted the interest of international media, as seen in an article in Variety:

Heathcliff Janusz Iwanowski Teams With Ali Tabrizi on ‘Ocean on Fire’ (variety.com)

Filming will begin this year! Stay tuned for more information about this production.