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A series that stormed onto the Netflix platform, gaining a huge fan base. Already in its first week, it reached the top spot on this platform as number 1. Several weeks after its premiere, it remained in the TOP 10 most-watched series in Poland.

See how dreams of wealth can become a reality even in the most unpredictable times.

“From Rags to Riches”

Could anyone have imagined this success story in post-communist Poland?
There were those who not only imagined it but also made it a reality. Amid legal uncertainty, emerging networks, and white-collar mafias, the tale of Bączek and his partners unfolded, showing their unparalleled ability to amass millions from the system’s flaws.
This series is inspired by real individuals who influenced the main characters. It’s a personal account of their journey to strength and wealth, depicting a relentless pursuit of success and power in a business landscape painstakingly crafted in a country where opportunities were scarce.
It narrates the lives of individuals who navigated the tumultuous transformation era, defied all odds, and amassed fortunes, constructing an empire against all adversities.