tajemnice-polskich-fortun On December 27, 2023, Netflix platform premiered the series "Tajemnice Polskich Fortun". 22-05-2024

The story is set in Poland in the 1980s. The series follows an ambitious janitor who is fed up with poverty, so he resorts to various combinations and frauds to get on well in a country undergoing great changes.

350x225 "Where the Devil Can't, He Will Send a Woman" Part 2, Episode 1 premieres on Prime Video this weekend on January 21, 2023. 18-01-2023

Number 1 this weekend premieres on Prime Video. A week after the success of the first part of the movie, viewers will be able to watch the fate of the characters. New scams. Old arrangements. The premiere of "Where the devil can't, he will send a woman 2" will be available from January 20th on Amazon Prime Video.

350x225 "Where the Devil Can't, He Will Send a Woman" on Amazon Prime Video. 09-01-2023

"Where the Devil Can't, He Will Send a Woman" has been chosen as the Best Polish Film of 2022 by The movie will be available on the Amazon Prime Video platform starting on January 13th. Moreover, the second part of the film will be released exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on January 20th. Have you been wondering what will happen in the second part?


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Official Movie Trailer „PROCEDER”

Check out the full trailer for "PROCEDER" - the hottest cinema premiere of this fall! Check out the full trailer for "PROCEDER" - the hottest cinema premiere of this fall! The true story of rapper Tomasz Chada, who died in unexplained circumstances, will compete for the Golden Lions at this year's Polish Film Festival in Gdynia.